While a CEO or owner of a profitable business may not have a critical need for capital, the addition of a value-added equity partner may become attractive at some point in the company’s life-cycle. If you are seeking capital, refer to our investment criteria

Value-Added Investor

Silver Canyon’s non-control investing strategy aligns our interests with management teams and other owners. We work closely and collaboratively with our management teams to enhance the long-term value of our portfolio companies. We build relationships with management teams over time and place a high value on the ‘right chemistry’. We have over 20 years of experience helping middle market companies build their businesses and realize their growth objectives. We strive to serve our companies as a trusted adviser and an experienced resource, providing strategic, operational, and financial services from both our in-house team and through our network.

Provide Non-Control Equity Financing

We offer equity capital that allows owners and managers to retain control, and at the same time, finance strategic growth initiatives. Using Silver Canyon equity growth capital allows companies to continue to invest free cash flow into the business as opposed to making debt service payments and maintains operational flexibility.

Alignment of Interests

Silver Canyon succeeds when you succeed because our interests and incentives are aligned with the shareholders. We earn our returns from building a stronger business and increasing equity value rather than from financial engineering, or restructuring. We do not use debt to enhance our returns, which puts your and our equity at risk – you are in charge of how much debt the business has.

Flexible Transaction Approach

We customize our investment structure to meet the immediate and longer-term objectives of a business’s owners and management team.

Long-Term Perspective

Silver Canyon has a 5-7 year investment horizon and is focused on creating long-term value by providing capital and strategic insight to help management teams build their businesses and create sustainable value.

Experienced Investment Team

Silver Canyon’s investment professionals have extensive transactional experience and deep industry knowledge. Silver Canyon’s principals have an average of 22 years of private equity experience.

Capital and Expertise Maximizing Value

Silver Canyon has extensive capital markets experience, and we are able to assist businesses as they seek to achieve an effective and appropriate capital structure to foster sustainable growth. From the beginning, we work with management to develop multiple alternative future sources of capital and liquidity. Many of our portfolio companies have raised follow-on growth capital from banks and lenders and successfully completed IPOs or mergers.

Add-On Acquisition Expertise

Silver Canyon has extensive experience in helping management identify, evaluate, negotiate, finance and importantly, integrate strategic add-on acquisitions.

Proven Track Record

Silver Canyon and its principals have generated superior investment results over the last 20 years. We have an outstanding record of assisting companies in realizing their growth objectives and dramatically increasing value for all shareholders.